Power: 1,5 kw
Width: 870 mm
Door open: 1 560
Length: 1 400 mm
Height: 2 160 mm
Weight: 250 kg
Nitrogen consomption during the session at -150°c = around 1 liter per minute

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Exclusive patent

Body Slider®

automatic adjustment to the patient size (from 1,50m to 2,20m)

  • Nitrogen extractor located of the patient’s shoulders to prevent any risk of nitrogen breathing
  • Nitrogen extractor located on the bottom part of the chamber to speed up the nitrogen elimination on doors opening
  • Built in Oximeter sensor which detects the rate of oxygen in the room and stop automatically nitrogen supply when it goes under 18%.
  • Mobile Oximeter sensor which detects leaks even when the cabin is off
  • 10 sensors to optimize the cabin safety.
  • Chassis fully made out of stainless steel for an enhanced durability and maximizing the robustness
  • Laptop dedicated to the cabin control and patient data recording.
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance remote control
  • Integrated on-board intelligence allowing an accurate handling of the nitrogen injection and control of the sensors.

For information, the data consumption of nitrogen depends of the humidity rate in the room. The CRYOCAB works with liquid nitrogen, product requiring a great prudence of use. It is necessary to have received a training by CRYOMANUFACTURING or by its authorized dealer before using. We urge you to carefully read the instructions and contraindications in the user manual. If any doubt about contraindications, ask a health professional for advice. It should be noted that cryotherapy is currently not eligible for reimbursement by health insurance organizations.