1st French designer and manufacturer
of cryotherapy cabins

Based in the Paris region CRYO MANUFACTURING studies, designs, manufactures and maintains individual partial body cryotherapy rooms (Nitrogen) and whole body cryotherapy rooms (Electric).

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1st French designer and manufacturer
of cryotherapy cabins

Based in the Paris region CRYO MANUFACTURING studies, designs, manufactures and maintains individual partial body cryotherapy rooms (Nitrogen) and whole body cryotherapy rooms (Electric).

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“Made in France” and Industrial processes

Our cryotherapy cabins are fully designed and assembled in Coulommiers – Seine et Marne – France.

So far, we are the only company nitrogen cabins and electric mono chamber.
Thanks to our industrials processes, we are able to produce a lot of equipment per month for France and worldwide.

We rely on a carefully selected French supply chain for our production and sub assembly supply.

The internal seam of our equipment is handmade and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Our research and development lab is integrated into the production site

All machines are durably tested according to very specific test protocols before shipment and installation

On the national territory, all the machines are installed by our teams

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An unrivaled safety

Since the very beginning, CRYO MANUFACTURING has always being considering safety as top level requirements.

Our cabins are meeting the specifications of the most severe nitrogen companies in the world. Each cabin is systematically delivered with a fix oximeter. Any discrepancy (oxygen, nitrogen) during the process is thus immediately detected and the nitrogen present in the chamber is extracted and the session stopped.

Also, the nitrogen fog which is escaping from the chamber during the session is sucted by our nitrogen extractor located on the top of the door.
This device has 2 big properties:
• Protection of the operator who can talk in complete safety with the patient
• Protection of patient who will not breath nitrogen, which is dangerous for the organism

The machine can be controlled remotely and maintenance can be dictated very quickly thanks to these “remote control” devices.

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Innovation and patent

The adjustment system of our cab’s height is ensured by a patented device, the Body Slider®.

Unlike other systems existing in the market, our cabs have a fixed floor.
This is the upper part of the door which goes up and down electrically. This patent presents two major interests, the weight of the patient is not limited and we ensure a real thermal shock.

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Guaranty and After Sales

All our nitrogen cabins have 2 years of guarantee.

The expert working on the technical support are our own engineers and technicians who are assembling on a day to day basis our cabins.

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Top level Materials

The chassis of our cabins is made of stainless steel. Those materials give to our cabins a rigidity for mobility using. They are a gage of robustness and longevity.

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Quality control

Each cabin is produced with the greatest care. We carry out systematic quality checks as well as performance test in laboratory. The cabins are delivered with the check list of all the tests performed.

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Exceptional performance

Our cabins differ significantly by their on-board intelligence.
Fitted with an high tech automate, the quantity of nitrogen to be injected in order to regulate the temperature in the cabins is permanently calculated.
Our algorithm, NCO Concept (Nitrogen Consumption Optimization) belongs to one of our secret of production.
It contributes to the sobriety of our equipment which have the lowest consumption of nitrogen.

We offer also on our products, remote control to provide access at your cabs for diagnosis, operation and remote maintenance.

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Our ambition

Continue our growth to become the word wide leader in partial and whole body cryotherapy technology.

Develop a network distribution ship « worldwide » to multiply installations and propose a service support near for all our end users.

Keep on our permanent innovation commitment at the service of efficacy and profitability of our technology.

Contribute to make thethe partial and whole body cryotherapy a reference equipment of wellness, sport performance and medical therapy.

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Our beliefs

In a partial and whole body cryotherapy“ trendly market” but still immature, we are convinced that the actors of tomorrow will be the company who will provide :

Integration of security issues in the conception of their equipment,

The optimization of electricity and nitrogen consumption to allow to their customers a maximization of their profitability,

Special attention to their customer requirements in terms of permanent innovations,

Establishment of a follow-up and a professional support, during the project and also after setting up.

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Our commitments

Deliver a service support during all the process of your project.

Keep safety criteria on a top level whatever our types of cabins.