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Cryotherapy, depression and sleep

Cryotherapy, depression and sleepThe effects of partiel and full body cryotherapy (CEC/CCP) on well-being, quality of life, and the mind can be explained by the hormonal response of the human body [...]

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The advantages of the CRYOSTIM

The advantages of the CRYOSTIMThe CRYOSTIM is a localized cold treatment going down to -170 degrees. The principle is the same as with a cryotherapy cabin, but here we are talking [...]

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Cryotherapy, an ally of care

Cryotherapy, an ally of careThe Bastide of Callian is the first center to offer cryotherapy treatment to relieve pathologies with a micro-inflammatory component such as chronic pain and certain forms of [...]

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Cryotherapy for athletes

Cryotherapy for athletesCryotherapy first appeared to help high level athletes in their recovery. After a training session, it was recommended to make a session in order to allow the muscles to [...]

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Cryotherapy and thermal shock

Cryotherapy and thermal shockHealth professionals talk about thermal shock when the skin temperature oscillates between 18° and 12°C. The vital organs are then strongly stimulated and must increase the production of [...]

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Cryotherapy and weight loss ?

Cryotherapy and weight loss ?During a full or partial body cryotherapy session our body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, between -110°C and -150°C. In order to fight against the drop [...]

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The History of Cryotherapy

The History of CryotherapyCryotherapy consists of very brief exposure of the human and animal body to extreme temperatures. This technology was born in Japan in the 1970s, it is the Japanese [...]

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Nitrogen cabin or electrical cabin ?

Nitrogen cabin or electrical cabin ?We are the only ones in France to have both technologies: nitrogen and electric. These correspond above all to different needs, in terms of volume of [...]