The advantages of the CRYOSTIM

The CRYOSTIM is a localized cold treatment going down to -170 degrees. The principle is the same as with a cryotherapy cabin, but here we are talking about a localized treatment on a specific area. In the absence of treating the whole body and secreting endorphins, we focus on a specific pain:

  • Tendonitis
  • Inflammation
  • Pain in the knee, elbow, shoulder, back…

The duration of the treatment is longer than a usual 3 minute session. Here we focus on the targeted area for about ten minutes. With this treatment you will not get all the benefits of full body or partial body cryotherapy but it is an excellent equipment for smaller budgets.

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This solution is a good alternative for people who can’t stand the cold very well, who have skin conditions and only want to target a specific area. The cryostim is equipped with optimum safety features:

  • Power adjustment to adapt your treatment to any situation you may encounter,
  • Double laser aiming to ensure that the correct treatment distance is respected,
  • Measurement and indication of the surface temperature of the skin,
  • Sound alarm in case of low surface temperature.

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