Cryotherapy and thermal shock

Health professionals talk about thermal shock when the skin temperature oscillates between 18° and 12°C. The vital organs are then strongly stimulated and must increase the production of blood flow to protect the body from the cold. A vasoconstriction phenomenon then occurs (the diameter of the blood vessels decreases). The response mechanisms to intense cold have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Adrenaline is released into the bloodstream. This increases heart rate, muscle strengthening and blood pressure. The release of endorphins is important. To regulate body temperature, the body burns calories to return to its normal temperature.
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Thermal shock is therefore responsible for a stimulation of the metabolism leading to a slowing down of the nerve conduction, which greatly reduces pain, it improves the immune system, and induces an important feeling of well-being thanks to the endorphin. The cryotherapy makes it possible to relieve the pains thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it has a positive role on the people suffering from sleep disorders, and releases endorphin which leads in feeling of wellbeing and plays on the morale.

During a full or partial body cryotherapy session we seek this thermal shock, it is the very objective of the session.

CRYO MANUFACTURING ensures that the user enters the cabin only when it is cold enough to have a quality thermal shock in order to feel all the benefits.