Cryotherapy for athletes

Cryotherapy first appeared to help high level athletes in their recovery. After a training session, it was recommended to make a session in order to allow the muscles to recover better and to reduce all the tendinous and muscular inflammations. Cryotherapy is an essential complement for the athletes. It intervenes as active recovery, the body and mind are rested after a session. The effects of cryotherapy on the whole body and more particularly on the blood circulation will improve the evacuation of toxins present following a physical effort, reduce cramps, aches and pains in the muscles. People who undergo sessions will therefore recover more quickly. All the biggest clubs have a cryotherapy cabin to optimize the physical capacity and recovery of their athletes.

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In the athlete, two types of traumas are described. Acute traumas linked to a high energy mechanism in a short period of time and the so-called “overload” or chronic injuries, which are linked to a low intensité́ load but for a long period of time.

The latter result in an inflammatory phenomenon and pain. Whole-body cryotherapy is of great importance in the field of sports. It has a role on the treatment of chronic lesions; such as enthesopathies, tibial periostitis, by these analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The fight against pain and inflammation during acute trauma will also be cited in the literature.

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