Cryotherapy and weight loss ?

During a full or partial body cryotherapy session our body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures, between -110°C and -150°C. In order to fight against the drop in our body temperature, the body tries to warm itself in order to fight against the cold. This mechanism against the cold allows the body to burn many calories. During a session of 3 minutes, on average 500 calories are burned. The cold also makes it possible to :

  • firm the skin
  • fight against orange peel skin.

Over the course of the sessions your skin will become firmer, toned and smooth. Although whole body cryotherapy allows you to burn calories quickly, it has no effect on your figure. This type of treatment can in no way affect weight loss.

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To lose weight on a targeted area, we recommend cryolipolysis sessions using our CRYOSCULT. This method directly targets adipose tissue unlike whole body cryotherapy which has a general effect on the body.
To focus on weight loss, we advise you to turn to cryolipolysis which will become your new ally. Cryolipolysis is a process of natural elimination by the body of the lipids contained in adipocytes (fat cells) without altering the blood level of lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides…). Fat cells exposed to intense and prolonged cold crystallize and enter into a process of programmed natural death.
During the weeks following the cryolipolysis session, the treated adipocytes will progressively evacuate thanks to phagocytosis via the lymphatic system.
We offer different sizes of tips to fit all parts of the body. Thanks to the four cryodes, we can treat four zones simultaneously in one session. Several sessions are necessary to see results and changes on your figure.
A balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential to obtain more results.