Nitrogen cabin or electrical cabin ?

We are the only ones in France to have both technologies: nitrogen and electric. These correspond above all to different needs, in terms of volume of activity and speed of implementation.

Nitrogen cabins are the first to be marketed and have proven their worth in the sports and wellness fields. The electric mono-chambers are new on the cryotherapy market. The nitrogen cabin provides partial body cryotherapy sessions, you have your head outside the cabin, this reassures the users. It is true that the feeling in an electric mono-chamber is more intense than in a partial body cabin. This is due to the fact that you have your head inside the cabin. The central system of our body is put on alert and sends signals to our body to protect itself from the cold, hence this more intense sensation. If the cryotherapy protocols (nitrogen or electric) are relatively simple to elaborate (temperature, treatment time, frequency of sessions), they follow basic rules that are absolutely essential.

The first of the unavoidable rules: seek the best quality of thermal shock. This will be automatic in an electric chamber because the entry into the chamber will necessarily be done with a pre-cooling temperature of -110°.
(We deliberately leave out the -90° mono-chambers from our discourse because they are tools developed in a purely marketing approach and intended to produce a range effect. These mono-chambers are not in agreement with the consensus of BAD VOSLAU (2006) defining the therapeutic efficiency zone of whole body cryotherapy in a temperature range between -100 and -140°).

In the case of a nitrogen cabin, each treatment should only be performed with the assurance that, when the patient enters the cabin, it will have been pre-cooled to -110°, so that the patient will undergo a true thermal shock.
Unfortunately, some unscrupulous operators equipped with cabins, which are greedy in consumption, will favour a nitrogen saving approach to the detriment of the quality of the thermal shock and the quality of the sessions.

These operators tend to make candidates enter a cabin that has not been sufficiently cooled, or even without any pre-cooling.